The seminar gives an introduction into the functioning of the European Union, its main institutions and their interaction with interest groups. In particular, the role of the various interest groups on the decision-making processes will be analyzed. How do interest groups make their voices heard? What is the impact of lobbying on EU policy? Are private interest groups more successful in advancing their interests than NGOs? Such questions will be addressed in the seminar both from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective.

The dates for the seminar are as follows:
- Day 1: Friday, June 25 from 14.00-19.00h
- Day 2: Saturday, June 26 from 10.00-18.30h
- Day 3: Sunday, June 27 from 10.00-18.30h

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, it is currently being planned that our seminar will take place in a hybrid form (more details to follow). Students can join either in person (room 1.181) or online via Zoom. Please find below the dial-in details:

Topic: Interest Groups in the European Union: blessing or curse?

Meeting-ID: 367 743 7343
Kenncode: P2imaM

Assessment: The final assessment consists of a written assignment of 12-15 pages (between 18.000-22.500 characters including spaces). The assignment - whose content we will discuss in class - should include a title page and be written in Times New Roman, font size 12 with a 1,5 line spacing.

Deadline for handing in your final assessment is on September 10, 2021.